Get to know our Summer Intern: Andre Palmer

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May 10, 2017
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Get to know our Summer Intern: Andre Palmer

Andre joins B3 Gym as a Summer Intern for the final step in his schooling program. Read more about him below.

B3: Where are you from?

Andre: I am originally from Miami but moved to Ocala at the age of 13. Then from Ocala to Gainesville once I began my college career in 2013.


B3: Why are you interning at B3 Gym?

Andre: My reasoning for interning at B3 gym was for a couple of reasons. one of those reasons is that by me being an APK student at the university of Florida, it is in the course work that I complete an internship. But I also chose B3 gym because I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge on the craft of CrossFit.


B3: What are you most excited about?

Andre: I’m most excited about watching the athletes get stronger and better each day!


B3: Have you ever gotten sick from a workout?

Andre: I actually have gotten sick from a workout (10×10 on squats lol)


B3: What is your favorite workout movement and what’s your favorite workout in general?

Andre: My favorite movement is the squat. My favorite workout in general in total body push workouts.


B3: What’s your favorite TV show?

Andre: My favorite TV show has to be at the moment prison break.


B3: You have Saturday off, how do you spend your day?

Andre: I spend my days off in the gym, eating and occasionally playing video games.


B3: What’s something people might not know when they first meet you?

Andre: Something people may not know when they first meet me is that I was born only at 3 pounds and 2 months premature.


B3: What’s your life motto?

Andre: My life motto “when you want to be as successful as bad as you want to breathe, only then will you be successful”



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