28-Day Nutrition Challenge

If we’ve learned anything recently, it’s the importance of health and wellness.

A consistent exercise program is a huge piece of the puzzle, but we can’t emphasize how important nutrition is in reaching your goals and improving your health. Let us help guide you on your journey with our 28-Day Nutrition Challenge!

At B3 Gym, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we’re gearing up to launch this challenge starting on January 24th.

This challenge is designed to bring our community together through practical nutrition and lifestyle habits. This is not about following any strict food rules or a specific diet. Instead, we’ll be making progress through daily actions, educational lessons, video sessions, weekly challenges, and much more. Each week will have a new theme and will build upon the previous week.

We guide you through how to make small changes that are sustainable before transitioning you into ongoing coaching where you can meet your long-term goals.

Registration for the challenge is $129 and includes:

-Individual initial and final meetings with a nutrition coach

-Sample meal plan & recipes

-Weekly nutrition, stress management, and kitchen tips, and recipes videos

-Exclusive access to the Healthy Steps Nutrition App

-Support to help you find easy action steps to kickstart new habits

-Constant contact with a nutrition coach

-Accountability with a coach and group support to help you stay on track

-Access to ongoing individual nutrition coaching following the challenge ($79/mo)

Each week will have a smaller challenge with prizes donated by Curia Coffee, Eat the 80, and Suda’s FitFoot.

Register >>HERE<<.

The challenge starts on 1/24. We’ll be hosting a virtual kickoff seminar on 1/22. Initial challenge meetings will be scheduled for 1/19-1/22.

Questions? Send us an email! info@b3gym.com

Stay healthy!

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