5 Nutrition Myths BUSTED

If you’re feeling confused when it comes to nutrition advice, you’re not alone! When researching nutrition tips on the internet, you’ll get billions of results! WOW! If that doesn’t make your head spin, then some of the advice given will!

Let’s help clear up some confusion around 5 basic nutrition myths:

#1-Fruit Has Too Much Sugar!

  • While fruit does contain sugar, it’s also a whole food which doesn’t contain as much fructose as processed options. Fruit also hydrates, can be slower digesting, and can contain fiber. The benefits of eating fruit surpass those of the more processed lower sugar options available.

#2- Fat Makes You Fat!

  • Having a diet balanced with healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein does not cause you to store more fat. When building a balanced plate try to include a thumb size amount for most women, and two thumb sized amounts for most men of healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, and omegas (from fish).

#3- Egg Yolks Are Unhealthy!

  • Egg yolks have been given a bad rap, being attributed to increased numbers of health biomarkers that doctors routinely check. Those statements have been debunked for years, but the stigma around it remains. The yolks, which are the yellow part of the egg, are actually full of nutrients and can promote good health.

#4- Everyone Benefits From A Low-Carb Diet!

  • Did you know carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy for the mind and the body? While there are some benefits to a low-carb diet, the typical person would benefit more from having a balanced diet with protein, carbs, and fat. When building your balanced plate think of including one cupped handful of starchy carbs and two fist fulls of non-starchy vegetables.

#5– Eating After 6pm Makes You Gain Weight!

  • Your body doesn’t switch gears at 6 pm to feverishly stockpile fat just because you ate something. The truth is the entire day matters more than timing. Be sure to pay attention to what and how much you are consuming throughout the day, not just at 6pm.

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Stay Healthy!

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