Athlete of the MonthJuly

Bernd Liesenfeld

Bernd has been a member of B3 Gym since 2015!

Before getting started at B3 Gym, Bernd was competing in triathlons, but found that when he had kids he didn’t have the necessary time to dedicate to training. He transitioned into obstacle course racing and ultra running, but realized he had some limitations in his strength. While competing in triathlons, Bernd met the previous owner of B3 Gym and decided to try out CrossFit.

CrossFit gives him the opportunity to learn new things and keeps his training exciting. While many of our members use group classes for accountability and support, Bernd is the type of athlete who doesn’t necessarily need others for motivation to exercise. He does like the competitive push his fellow classmates give him though!

Bernd enjoys that B3 Gym focuses on more of a lifestyle approach to fitness. One big misconception about CrossFit is that it causes injury. At B3 Gym, we provide the right amount of motivation to make sure you continue to see progress without pushing to the point of injury.

Bernd is well-known at B3 Gym for his speed in running-dominant workouts and for using way too much chalk!

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