Athlete of the MonthNovember

Christy Horsburgh

Christy has been a member of B3 Gym since 2018 and is one of our few members who have reached 1,000 classes!

She’s been a consistent member of our Bootcamp program since she first started, and attends CrossFit classes a few days a week. Christy is also an ongoing nutrition client at B3 Gym and will be the first to tell you how important healthy nutrition habits have been on her journey.

One thing Christy loves the most (other than our amazing FitFam) is the stress relief a good workout brings. Working out after a long day at work allows her to focus back in and let go of the stress of the day.

Christy started at B3 Gym at age 56 and we don’t see her slowing down anytime soon! If you’re looking for a fun workout buddy, Christy is it!

It’s never too late to get started!


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