Athlete of the MonthJune

Christy Horsburgh

Christy joined B3 Gym in early 2018 and has been one of our most consistent members!

When she first started at the gym, she was very new to this style of training. We started with some personal training sessions and our customized nutrition coaching program, which was the perfect combination to start her off on the right path to building a healthy lifestyle.

Over the past 4 years, Christy has been an ideal client, following the guidance from our coaching team and putting in the work to create sustainable and lifelong changes with her nutrition and fitness habits.

Christy is a great example of how our customized nutrition coaching program focuses on a holistic approach. Not only is she dialed in during the week, but she’s been able to develop consistency with her eating habits over the weekends. She prioritizes her meal prepping routine to set herself up for success during a busy work week. After 4 years of customized nutrition coaching, she’s become so in-tune with her nutrition needs, she can recognize her hunger and fullness cues and adjust as needed.

Aside from nutrition, we’ve also focused on managing stress and prioritizing sleep. Christy uses her workouts at the gym as a fun way to get some energy out and shake off the day. Improving her nighttime routine has also helped her increase the quality and quantity of her sleep.

“I feel good! Less stressed, more relaxed, dialed in!”

We absolutely love having Christy at B3 Gym! Her positive energy brings tons of smiles and laughs to our afternoon classes!


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