Athlete of the MonthAugust

Sabrina Sanchez

Sabrina joined B3 Gym in 2015 and is one of our dedicated members who have reached over 1,000 classes! “Before joining B3 Gym, I was a mother of 3, overweight, stressed, tired and, honestly just a huge ball of insecurity.” Her transformation, both physically and mentally, is nothing short of amazing and inspiring!
How have our programs helped you on your journey to this point? How is life different now? When was the moment you noticed the change?
“Everything is symbolic for me.  The members, the coaches… it’s a family and I’m reminded daily that we’re not alone.  The barbells, they’re intimidating, but so is parenting, so is standing up for myself – but when I lift – I’m reminded that I can always do more, that I can make things happen.  The crazy workouts remind me that I can keep on long after I think I can’t.  I began noticing that the more I put in, the more I received.  My weekends are no longer full of laying around, eating junk and feeling sorry for myself. Now I want to go places, ride my bike, take insanely long walks, swim etc.  There isn’t a specific moment that I noticed any change really – it’s a constant work in progress full of so much more life.”
What were you most afraid/skeptical of when you first joined? What finally motivated you to start?
“The people.  I was afraid of walking into the gym alone and having all eyes on me.  I feared I wasn’t strong enough.  I got super frustrated one night in the beginner’s foundation class because I couldn’t jump rope – at all.  I was too stubborn to just get in my car and go, so I picked up the rope and before the end of class, I was jumping over it.  I decided that night to give it a 3-month trial – and that was back in 2015.”
What was or is different about our programs compared to diets and exercise routines you’ve tried in the past?
“It’s not a fad diet or a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle program.  It’s not just about losing weight -it’s about building friendships, taking control, learning accountability and challenging yourself.  It’s about learning and growing and I think we all need more of that.”
How has the accountability and support of our coaching team and fellow members helped you stay on track? How would you describe our community?
“The best way to describe it is to give you a few examples of the texts I receive on a daily basis:  see you tomorrow?  are we going in the morning?  i’m not feeling it – please show up and work out with me!  b**** quit whining and go….now.  The coaches don’t just assume all is good if you stop showing up either – they reach out, they encourage, they support.  It’s simply knowing that every single person there….coaches and members all the want the best for each other.”
What would you say to someone looking to get started with their own health and wellness journey?
“That living healthy is no more expensive than not doing so.  Ask yourself how much you value life.  A coffee a day from starbucks is a monthly gym membership.  By all means don’t give up coffee, but maybe make it at home.  Of all the priorities a person could have… without your health, there’s not much left.  You don’t have to sacrifice anything – just compromise – simplify – show up.”

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