3 Reasons Diets Don’t Work

Two thirds of people will regain the weight they lost, and most will regain more weight than they lost!

This usually happens because they’re following a diet instead of building a solid foundation of healthy habits into their lifestyle.

Here are three reasons why your diet mindset is failing you.

Too restrictive — if I tell you that you can’t have something, your mind naturally goes to how much you want it and how you can get it. Having a restrictive mindset just isn’t realistic — or fun! Learning to eat to support your goals AND enjoy your lifestyle can be done!

Inconsistency — we’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule. Being super restrictive all week and then letting it rip on the weekends is not 80/20! To move the needle forward, you must be consistently implementing healthy habits.

You aren’t eating enough — when you don’t eat enough, you’re slowing down your metabolism making it harder to lose weight. Plus, it’s no fun to feel hungry all day!

If you’re thinking “I’m making one of these mistakes,” then you’re not alone. We have all been there!

I remember a time when I put pressure on myself to look a certain way. I’ve literally made all of these mistakes. I cut out sweets altogether, but after a few days, I binged. I tried the 80/20 rule, but went off the deep end on the weekends. I restricted my calories and actually gained weight!

I want to help you create a healthy balanced lifestyle, not a restrictive diet. Book a consultation today and let’s chat about how we can help!

Stay Healthy!

New Year’s Resolutions

At the beginning of a new year, many of us reflect on the previous year and start thinking about things we want to change or accomplish in the new year. If you’re like most people, you have probably set some new year’s resolutions for 2023.

There are a number of reasons why goal setting is important. Goals give you a sense of purpose. They give you direction, something to focus your efforts. They also help you stay motivated. If you set a SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, time sensitive, relevant), you have a very clear and detailed vision. You know exactly what you’re working towards and when you want to achieve it.

While it’s great to set goals, it’s important to also consider HOW you’re going to achieve those goals!

The best way to start working on your goals is to break them down into smaller, more manageable goals. That way, you can focus on one thing at a time and not feel overwhelmed. When we try to do too many things at once, our overall success rate plummets.

I‍t’s also important to remember to be patient. If weight loss is your goal, remember that you didn’t put on all of the weight overnight. It’s not going to come off overnight! Healthy and sustainable weight loss should be at a slow and gradual pace, about 1-2 pounds per week.

Sometimes, the most difficult part is figuring out where to even start when thinking about achieving your goals. Start small and with the lowest hanging fruit. Once you take the first step and start achieving smaller goals, the momentum will build and the rest will become much easier.

Find an accountability buddy! Motivation will come and go, so having someone who is there to support you and hold you accountable can be so important in keeping you on track.

‍Create a vision board! A vision board is a visual representation of what you are wanting for yourself, who you want to be, and what you want to accomplish. Having a visual reminder that you see everyday can help keep your goals in the front of your mind.

‍If you want to achieve your goals this year, start thinking about HOW!

Stay healthy!

Nutrition Talk: 3 Things That Are Slowing Down Your Progress

Do you ever feel like you’re not making progress in the gym? We’ve all been there!
A month or so has gone by and we feel like we’re not gaining any ground or seeing any improvements, but WHY?!
For many, it’s because of the lack of consistency in and outside of the gym.
Inconsistency can originate from common barriers that many of us face. Most of us live a very fast-paced lifestyle that makes it feel nearly impossible to stay consistent with all the things we know we should be doing.
Here are 3 things that may be slowing your progress:
-Lack of Sleep!
-Insufficient Energy Intake!
-Lack of Consistency in the Gym!
Learn more about these 3 barriers and the BEST thing you can do to overcome them!

Holiday Stress

While the holiday season is packed with fun and festivity, it can also come with added stress 😣

How many things do you find yourself worrying about this time of year? Most of us have the normal holiday stress around finances, family time, and a lack of time and daylight hours.

Have you found yourself thinking to yourself “I just can’t add one more thing to my plate right now”?  This is a very common response when people talk about their health and wellness goals this time of year. This is also the reason why so many goals are put off until after the New Year.

There is the one thing that you can take OFF of your plate this holiday season to help you reach your health goals: stress about your food choices!

Food should never be something that causes you stress or anxiety. If we really think about it, it is merely a lump of calories on a plate. Some foods are more nutritious and some are more delicious! There is a way that you can still enjoy all of your favorite seasonal treats AND still work toward your goals (and no, this isn’t some gimmick or a FAD diet).

You can accomplish this through a habit-based approach to your nutrition. When you focus on your habits surrounding food, rather than solely the foods that you are eating (or not eating), you are able to apply these habits to any situation you are in.

For example:

  • Holiday parties→ focusing on eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full
  • Stress snacking → learning appropriate stress management techniques
  • Too busy to cook → learning effective weekly planning/meal prepping to fit your schedule

If you’re not sure where to even start, a nutrition coach can help you start building these healthy habits into your current lifestyle. Working with a nutrition coach is about so much more than telling you what you should and should not be eating. It is about helping you learn about your behaviors surrounding food, and ways that you can start practicing simple habits, one at a time, to improve these behaviors.

The holidays come around every year. We see so many people fall off track during the last two months of the year and start the new year behind on their goals. Don’t let your food choices around the holidays cause you excess stress. Learn how to navigate the holidays in a healthy way that still allows you to enjoy the season!

Stay healthy!

Holistic Approach to Health

The benefits of a holistic approach to health are well-documented. When you take care of your whole self, you’re more likely to see sustainable results, instead of quick fixes that don’t offer long-term change.

Becoming your best and healthiest self isn’t just about one piece of the puzzle. We need to incorporate a holistic approach, addressing nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, mindset, support system, and lifestyle.


NUTRITION Nutrition is the foundation of health. There are three core nutrition principles we believe in: prioritizing whole foods first, balancing macronutrients, and limiting the amount of sugar and processed carbohydrates consumed daily.

EXERCISE Move your body at least 30-minutes per day. Consistent daily movement has been shown to have numerous positive effects on your health, including improved sleep, decreased stress, lower risk of chronic disease and so much more! Find an activity you enjoy and commit to a consistent routine.

SLEEP Quality and adequate sleep impacts recovery, performance, mental health, hormone health, and chronic disease prevention. We recommend 7-8 hours per night. If you have trouble getting enough sleep, start building good sleep hygiene practices into your nighttime routine, such as disconnecting from electronic screens before bed and creating a dark and quiet sleep environment.

STRESS MANAGEMENT + MINDSET Chronic stress leads to chronic disease. Overthinking causes worry and added stress, and 99.5% of people struggle with it! How do you manage stress? How is your mindset? Rather than turning to unhealthy coping strategies, find healthy ways to manage stress. Spend time outside in nature. Disconnect from social media. Reach out for help from a mental-health practitioner.

SUPPORT SYSTEM We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Are those people positive influences on you? Do they lift you up? Who is there to walk beside you on your journey? Start spending more time with people who support and celebrate you and keep you accountable to your goals.

LIFESTYLE Your daily actions become your habits, your habits create your routine, and your routine is your lifestyle. Creating a healthy lifestyle is the driver of long-term success. Start with something small that you can commit to doing every single day. After a while, it will become part of your routine and then you can add in the next thing. Small changes lead to big results.


At B3 Gym, our mission is to help you make health a way of life and it starts by taking a holistic approach to your health!


Stay healthy!

Nutrition Talk: Navigating a Healthy Holiday

‘Tis the season for family, festivity, and food — lots of food. Temptations are everywhere, and parties and travel disrupt our daily routines. What’s worse is that it goes on for weeks!

But how do you stay on track when everyone around you seems to be splurging? You need to make a plan!

Learn 5 easy and effective tips to help you navigate a healthy holiday! Don’t worry, you can still enjoy some pumpkin pie 🙂

Confessions of a Gym Owner

I joined a CrossFit gym in 2010 and I haven’t looked back since.


While my approach to training and the intensity I bring to my workouts has varied over the years, the one thing that has never changed is my commitment to staying consistent with my workout routine.


After a long athletic career in the sport of rowing, I felt lost when I finally hung up my oars. I’d had an intense training regimen for years: rowing, erging, running, lifting all the time and on a planned schedule. I felt excited to finally have some freedom to do that I wanted with my fitness.


Little did I know how difficult that transition would be for me.


I tried to work out on my own, but as someone who had always participated in team sports, I couldn’t get myself motivated to work out consistently, and when I did, I knew I wasn’t putting in much effort.


I tried running, but after completing my first (and only) half-marathon, I realized that my body didn’t enjoy that kind of training.


I missed lifting weights. I missed competing. I missed the comradery of a team atmosphere.


I’ve been doing CrossFit for 12 years and during that time, my journey, my approach, and my WHY has changed many times.


When I started CrossFit, I loved competing. I loved pushing my body to the limit and conquering new skills.


Every now and again, that urge to compete comes back around, but overall, my mindset and my approach to training have changed.


Stress has been a challenge for me over the past 2+ years and my body is feeling it. Maybe I’m also feeling the many years of pushing my body to its breaking point finally catching up.


I’ve had to set aside my ego and train differently. Some days I feel good, and I can push the weights and push the intensity. Other days, I feel drained, and I modify the movements and weights to what feels good that day.


Has that been an easy shift? HELL NO! I’ve been a competitive athlete most of my life. It was incredibly difficult to set aside my ego and really tune in to what my body needs. My ego tells me that I’m making excuses, that I should suck it up. My ego tells me that I’m a failure because I’m not as good as I once was. My ego tells me that I should be the fittest person in my gym.


It’s been tough to quiet those thoughts, but I know and experience the benefits of regular exercise every day, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.


I sleep better, I think more clearly, I feel less stressed, I have more energy, I make better choices with nutrition, I have deeper connections with friends.


You don’t have to be perfect every day. You don’t even have to be better than you were yesterday or last month or last year. You just have to be consistent and do the best you can each and every day. Give yourself some grace and be proud of the fact that you’re taking care of yourself and striving to be happy and healthy.


Stay Healthy,

Coach Karen

Nutrition Talk: Affirmations for Achievements

How would you feel about being more satisfied with your work?

What if there was a way to increase the chances of you reaching a goal you have in mind?

What if the secret to unlocking this potential was 100% free?!


During this talk, we’ll dive into affirmations and how they can help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

Don’t Break Your Habits, Replace Them!

Do you have a few habits that you really wish you didn’t have?

We often consider these ‘bad’ habits because they’re not supporting our goals. 

When thinking about these ‘bad’ habits, we love to say that we need to break them.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. We are far less successful at breaking bad habits because those habits are literally ingrained into our brains!

Think about some of your ‘bad’ habits. Do you actively think about doing them or do they just seem to happen mindlessly?

One way we know will increase the likelihood of diminishing that unwanted habit is to replace it.

Instead of trying to break habits, let’s talk about some ways to replace them.


Here are 5 examples of how to replace a habit.

INSTEAD OF:                                                                 TRY:

Sitting looking at a screen all day ———————-> Taking a break and going for a walk

Comparing yourself to others ————————–>  Recognizing that everyone is unique

Scrolling through social media at night —————>  Reading a book before bedtime

Wanting to lose weight ———————————>  Wanting to be healthy

Focusing on the past/worrying about the future —->  Practicing mindfulness, presence & gratitude


When replacing habits, it’s best to set yourself up for success by finding a way to remember to replace the habit. This will take some intentional focus and effort to stay present and notice when you’re doing them. It can also help to adjust your environment to make it easier to do. Make sure to give yourself some positive affirmations and celebrate your successes!

The biggest challenge is sticking with it! That’s where accountability is essential! Find yourself an accountability buddy or join a program that can help you stay on track with your goals!


Stay healthy.

Nutrition Talk: Eating Healthy on a Budget

Studies show that families who cook more at home save more money on total food costs! Meals prepared at home also provide more nutrients and less calories, fat, and sodium.

Lack of time, lack of confidence in nutrition knowledge and cooking skill, and the idea that cooking at home is too expensive can often hold us back from cooking at home.

Let us show you that eating healthy can be budget friendly!

During this talk, we’ll dive into 5 tips for making healthy meals on a budget!