B3 Scholarship Program

Mission Statement

With the primary goal of helping members continue their fitness journey, the mission of the B3 Scholarship Fund is to support and maintain a positive gym community by supporting members in financial need.

B3 Gym believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed at every level of their lives. As part of its mission to serve the gym community, and in keeping with the B3 core values (list below), B3 is now offering a scholarship program. This program allows for members that find themselves in a financial hardship to have their membership fees waived for a short period of time.

Core Values  >>  1. People First.  2. Better Than Yesterday. 3. Do the Right Thing.

Community is everything to B3 Gym

We feel that it is important for all of our members to be able to continue on their fitness journey and we want them to be able to stay connected to our community at whatever the cost. If you find yourself in the need of temporary assistance with your membership fees please consider our program. Take a minute to read the criteria below and fill out the B3 Scholarship Program Application. A program committee member will contact you for follow-up and consideration. Here’s to being a better version of you.

Criteria For Scholarship Candidate

  • Fill out the B3 Scholarship Program Application in its entirety, providing specific details of your need
  • Sign and adhere to the B3 Scholarship Program Confidentiality Agreement (found at the end of the Application)
  • Must have been a member of B3 Gym for a total of 6 consecutive months at the time of application
  • Member must be in good-standing at B3 Gym, holding to the core values of B3 as well as the B3 Gym Member Responsibilities
  • Selection will be determined by the committee and if necessary, tenure, seniority, or other factors (determinant at the time of application) may be used in the final selection process
  • Each candidate would have access to the B3 Scholarship Program benefits for a total of 3 consecutive months (if needed) within a 12 month calendar year
  • Upon selection, the recipient must maintain a minimum of 2-3 sessions of attendance per week in order to keep the scholarship in full effect
  • Candidate must follow-up with a committee member of their choice by the predetermined date set by the committee at the selection time. This follow-up will serve to evaluate the candidate’s continued need for the scholarship program

For any questions, please feel free to email: scholarship@b3gym.com