Don’t Break Your Habits, Replace Them!

Do you have a few habits that you really wish you didn’t have?

We often consider these ‘bad’ habits because they’re not supporting our goals. 

When thinking about these ‘bad’ habits, we love to say that we need to break them.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. We are far less successful at breaking bad habits because those habits are literally ingrained into our brains!

Think about some of your ‘bad’ habits. Do you actively think about doing them or do they just seem to happen mindlessly?

One way we know will increase the likelihood of diminishing that unwanted habit is to replace it.

Instead of trying to break habits, let’s talk about some ways to replace them.


Here are 5 examples of how to replace a habit.

INSTEAD OF:                                                                 TRY:

Sitting looking at a screen all day ———————-> Taking a break and going for a walk

Comparing yourself to others ————————–>  Recognizing that everyone is unique

Scrolling through social media at night —————>  Reading a book before bedtime

Wanting to lose weight ———————————>  Wanting to be healthy

Focusing on the past/worrying about the future —->  Practicing mindfulness, presence & gratitude


When replacing habits, it’s best to set yourself up for success by finding a way to remember to replace the habit. This will take some intentional focus and effort to stay present and notice when you’re doing them. It can also help to adjust your environment to make it easier to do. Make sure to give yourself some positive affirmations and celebrate your successes!

The biggest challenge is sticking with it! That’s where accountability is essential! Find yourself an accountability buddy or join a program that can help you stay on track with your goals!


Stay healthy.

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