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  • Alex Knisely

    Why did you choose B3 Gym?  I chose B3 for the expert training and teamwork driven workouts. What is the B3 Gym difference?  Culture: B3 Gym creates an atmosphere that fosters teamwork and friendship. The culture here extends past the walls of ...

    Alex Knisely

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  • Carlee Daylor

    Name: Carlee Daylor Why did you choose B3 Gym? I feel complete at B3 Gym. This gym has helped me to be the best version of myself. The loving community helps you to accomplish things both mentally and physically that you never thought were possible....

    Carlee Daylor

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  • Chelsea

    Name: Chelsea Why did you choose B3 Gym?  I was looking for a job, turned out to be the best job choice I’ve ever made! My closest friends are here and the opportunities have/continue to be amazing. What is the B3 Gym difference? The commun...


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  • Christina Jertberg

    Name: Christina Jertberg Why did you choose B3 Gym?  Needed more physical challenge in my life. What is the B3 Gym difference?  This gym is like family. The positive attitude and vibes are always flowing through the air....

    Christina Jertberg

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  • Freedlengton Joesph

    Name: Freedlengton Joesph Why did you choose B3 Gym?  Recommendation/pressure from my wife! What is the B3 Gym difference?  Pushing you past your perceived limit and breaking point. I once thought, “I could never do that!”  Now I think,...

    Freedlengton Joesph

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  • Heather Remer

    Name: Heather Remer Why did you choose B3 Gym?  I joined because I wanted to be challenged.  I wanted to be surrounded by health-oriented people. I really wanted to make fitness more a part of my life, and I knew that I needed to make it fun and d...

    Heather Remer

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  • Jennifer Conlon

    Name: Jennifer Conlon Why did you choose B3 Gym?  I chose B3 Gym because of the camaraderie, teamwork and personal attention received from the trainers. What is the B3 Gym difference?  B3 Gym helps you achieve your personal best fitness leve...

    Jennifer Conlon

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  • Lauren Dagget

    Name: Lauren Dagget Why did you choose Body By Boris? I chose BBB because I was looking for a gym that was going to push me every time I walked in the door. I needed more than just a space to work out, I wanted to train for results and after my orie...

    Lauren Dagget

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  • Lori Glenn

    Name: Lori Glenn Why did you choose B3 Gym?  It’s a good atmosphere, but everyone is pushing themselves and others to do their best and then more. What is the B3 Gym difference?  The trainers…They push everyone to do their best in a comp...

    Lori Glenn

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  • Matthew Parker

    Name: Matthew Parker Why did you choose B3 Gym?  Tried a Groupon over a year ago and have been hooked since. What is the B3 Gym difference?  The trainers, staff and other members make it feel like home. It’s more than just going to the gym...

    Matthew Parker

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  • Nicole Duga

    Name: Nicole Duga Why did you choose B3 Gym?  I had heard about B3 Gym from different people and decided to try it out with a Living Social deal. I was immediately hooked. I’ve always been a really active person and had been looking for a gym tha...

    Nicole Duga

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  • Pamela Baird

    Name: Pamela Baird Why did you choose B3 Gym?  Our first workout with BBB was unlike anything I’d done before, in a good way! I’ve done the most challenging physical activities of my life all within the last 2 years. Each and every one of them ...

    Pamela Baird

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  • Thomas Conlon

    Name: Thomas Conlon Why did you choose B3 Gym?  After 23 years of playing football, boxing and powerlifting in college and continuing at local gyms in my late 20s and 30s, I wanted to try something more cardio and overall different. Now I can’t b...

    Thomas Conlon

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  • TJ

    Name: TJ Why did you choose B3 Gym?  I wanted to be my best self, take control of my life, get healthier, look better, feel better and be proud of myself. What is the B3 Gym difference?  Community – No other gym has this great sense of com...


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