Inner Circle: 4 Things to Consider

Have you ever heard the quote “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with?”


Whether we like it or not, we are influenced by the people we choose to surround ourselves with. And while it’s really easy to focus on the people who support you, it’s also important to look at the people who are potentially inhibiting your progress.


Take a minute to think:

-Who are the five closest people to you?

-Are they a positive or negative influence on your life?

-If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, do you like the person you will become?


When thinking about your inner circle, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Be Intentional With Your Circle

Do your core values align with the five people closest to you? Do the five people closest to you know your goals — personal and professional? Do they support your progress towards your goals? If you set a goal to exercise three times per week, would your significant other encourage you to get moving or give you a hard time for taking time away from them? If you set a goal to limit drinking alcohol, would your circle of friends encourage you to go to happy hour with them or find another activity like grabbing a cup of coffee?

To be successful long-term, you need to be intentional with the people you surround yourself with. You need people who will support your progress towards your goals.


  1. Separate Yourself From Negativity

We’ve all heard the saying misery loves company. When you surround yourself with negative people, it’s easy to see the negative. If you surround yourself with positive people, you will also see more positive.

What topics do you discuss with your circle? Are you lifting people up or talking about people behind their backs? Are you encouraging each other or breaking each other down?

In this time of uncertainty, it’s easy to get frustrated. I always start my workday with journaling and I write down one thing that I am grateful for everyday. At the end of each day, I reflect on what was the best part of my day. Just these two simple prompts help me to focus on the positive. This practice of journaling and self-reflection can work in all aspects of your life– personal, professional, and spiritual.


  1. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I remember the first time I walked into a CrossFit gym almost ten years ago. I was struggling to workout on my own and needed accountability. I’ll be honest, before I walked in the door, I was scared. I used to be a lot more introverted than I am now and I was nervous about meeting new people. I’m also a very competitive person by nature and I was scared of failing or being bad at something. I missed working out with other people. I just wasn’t motivated on my own anymore.

Over the past ten years, CrossFit has changed my life forever. That first step into the gym was the scariest, but it’s what helped me find my purpose.  As I progressed through my coaching career and now to owner of B3 Gym, I never wanted people to feel scared or intimidated by this kind of training. I want to use fitness to help people build strength and confidence to face any obstacle.

Our B3 Gym community is filled with people who care about their health and want to become the best versions of themselves. Maybe CrossFit isn’t for you. Try something new. Get outside of your comfort zone because that is where real growth happens!


  1. Set Boundaries

Maybe you have someone in your circle that is not the best influence on you, but you can’t seem to separate yourself. This can show up pretty often with our nutrition clients. If a significant other or family member is not on board with changing their diet and eating healthy, it often leads to frustration because a client is tempted with things that don’t support their goals. When this happens, we recommend sitting down with that person and explaining the WHY behind your goal. WHY is it important for you to start eating healthier? WHY do you want to make exercise a part of your daily routine? How will this impact them if you are successful?

For most people, regular exercise is a form of stress management. The release of endorphins makes you feel better and puts you in a better mood. If you are exercising regularly, you will tend to be happier. Be sure to set some boundaries with those who don’t support that.


I’m grateful that the B3 Gym community is filled with positive people who genuinely care about their health and are focused on taking care of their minds and bodies to become the best versions of themselves. Not only do they care about their own health and well-being, but they also care about other people’s success. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by people everyday who support me on my journey. If you’re in need of a support system to help you reach your goals, let us know! I’d love to help!


Stay healthy,

-Coach Karen

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