Welcome to B3 Gym, Intern Kaileya!

Welcome Kaileya Humes to the B3 Gym Team! Kaileya is joining us temporarily as she completes her internship through the Applied Physiology and Kinesiology program at the University of Florida.

Here’s a little more about why Kaileya decided to intern with B3 Gym:

“I am currently a 4th year student at the University of Florida majoring in exercise science. I have a passion for physical fitness and overall personal health. I like challenging myself and trying new things, so I believe that this summer will be very fun and interesting! I’m super excited to be working at B3 these next few weeks and I’m looking forward to becoming a part of this amazing CrossFit family.

As I started to approach my last semester at UF, I needed to find an internship. A lot of students usually just pick the first one they see on the list of approved internships, just so they can get it over with, but I wanted to choose an internship where I could actually learn something.

Many places may be hesitant to bring on students to be a part of their business because they may feel like we are incapable of completing the tasks that are important or helpful to the business, so they just have us do busy work for 40 hours a week, and that is not how I wanted to spend my last semester at UF.

After reading through multiple intern descriptions for a lot of internships in Gainesville, I decided to reach out to B3 Gym. They interested me the most because it didn’t seem like I would be sitting behind a desk or standing off in the shadows for the entirety of my internship. After reaching out and meeting my supervisor, I immediately knew that this internship would be very rewarding. After starting my internship and coming in for 2 weeks, I’m glad that I picked this business to intern for because everyone is super nice and I’m very active in what I’m doing here. I look forward to what is to come throughout my internship, but I am very pleased with my progress thus far.”

Welcome to B3 Gym, Kaileya!

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