Navigating Social Events

At B3 Gym, we believe something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated! We want you to have all the tools in your toolbox needed to enjoy your life while still reaching your long-term health and wellness goals! A great strategy for helping you on your journey is learning how to navigate parties, tailgates, and BBQs.


Studies have found that most people’s nutrition is significantly different over the weekends versus their weekdays. With longer days, free hours to get together with friends and families, weddings, and other fun social activities, we need to find ways to enjoy our time mindfully while still staying on track with our goals!


Whenever a client tells me they have a BBQ or some event they are heading to, we always talk about how to strategize that day to set them up for success.


We know when it comes to social events, we often have less control over our food options. This is why we want to start our day on the right foot. Focusing our breakfast and lunch to aim for lean protein and vegetables with less fat is always a great way to stay balanced and leave a little extra wiggle room to enjoy the night. Remember, we NEVER want to go into this kind of setting starving from avoiding food earlier in the day. A great breakfast idea is an omelette, heavier on the egg whites, packed with our favorite crisp vegetables or a great breakfast bowl with protein, vegetables and whole grains for fiber which keep us regular and fuller.


The second strategy for weddings, parties, and BBQ’s is for buffet-style occasions. When it comes to buffets, all the same ideas are in focus in regard to the plate method, but we want to ensure we make our plate and move away from the food source. Not making a plate and picking off the appetizer or dessert table can lead to mindless overconsumption. Simply put, when the food is within reach, you are more likely to consume it.


The last strategy for parties focuses on alcohol! We want to stick with simple drinks that are not loaded with sugar, such as clear liquors paired with low sugar mixers like soda water, light beers, wine and champagne. In addition to choosing better drink options, remember to keep a 1 to 1 ratio with water. This will slow down the alcohol consumption while minimizing its dehydration effects on the body!


Remember, we want you to feel confident in making the best decisions for your health and wellness goals while still enjoying the best parts of life. Stick to these tips and you’ll have no issues navigating your social events!

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