Staying Fit on Vacation

It’s vacation time and all you’re looking forward to is some fun in the sun! You’re ready to visit new places, try new things, and create memories that will last a lifetime. However, you’re concerned about how you’re going to stay fit while away from home. Plan to work out during your trip! Traveling to new places is exciting and we tend to lose track of time when sight-seeing, but if you plan to work out when you first wake up, you won’t need to adjust the plans you already have for that trip.

1) Drop into a gym. Before going on vacation, look to see if there are any gyms nearby your hotel. You can get a great workout AND get to know some of the locals to get recommendations on things that aren’t in the travel manuals. If there aren’t any gyms close by, then prepare workout routines prior to going on your trip to do in the hotel gym.

2) Pack resistance bands. These are light weight and don’t take up much room in your luggage. With the different resistance levels, you can get a work out in without having to leave the comfort of your hotel room. This can come in handy if the hotel gym doesn’t have a wide variety of equipment to use or if you don’t have much time to hit the gym during your vacation.

3) If you want to go on a vacation without worrying about finding a gym or making time to work out, book a hotel close to attractions so it’s easy to walk everywhere. You’ll be amazed how you’ll feel from spending the day just walking.

4) You can also try new activities. Many places are well known for sight-seeing  and more often than not, these locations usually have plenty of activities nearby, like snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing. Plan to try some of these activities on your trip. By the time you’re done, your body will feel like you just hit the gym!

There is already so much planning and preparing necessary when going on vacation. If you don’t plan to get a workout in, you won’t do it! There are many alternatives to physically going to the gym that can help you stay active while away. Most of these can be built into your vacation time. You just have to plan your trip properly!

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