Staying Hydrated During the Summer Months: How much is enough?

How To Measure

You may be drinking the recommended 80oz a day, but do you account for the amount you lose during the heat of the summer months? Probably not. Here is an easy way to find out if you’re getting enough to make up for what you lose when you workout or what you lose simply going through your daily routine.

Step 1: Before your workout, weigh yourself.
Step 2: Weigh yourself after your workout.
Step 3: Calculate the weight change and add 16oz of water for every pound lost.

How To Tell If You Need More Water

Studies show that some 75% of Americans experience a severe lack of hydration. These symptoms include fuzzy memory, hard time focusing, blurry vision and that midday fatigue that you have a hard time getting over. You may be dehydrated! Having enough water helps your body with many functions such as digestion aid, regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients to the body as well as carrying out toxins. Water is important for everyone for these reasons. So go for a glass of water and stay hydrated, especially during
the summer months!

Water Drinking Tips

More times than not our daily schedules may distract us from remembering to drink enough water making it harder for us to focus on the job or even perform physical activities at the gym. Here are a few tips on how to get more for your body:

1. Set a timer on your phone or watch as a reminder to take a few sips every 15
minutes. There are also various apps that you can get on your smartphone that help remind you.
2. Drink out of a clear bottle so you can see how much you’ve consumed.
3. Grab a jug and make 8 marks, one for each cup of the day. Use a rubber band to move down the bottle as you drink each cup throughout the day.
4. Keep your water bottle with you at all times. Sometimes just keeping it in sight helps remind you and if you get stuck in a work meeting, you’ll have it with you!
5. Choose a colorful water bottle. Sometimes it can be fun to buy a new water bottle that fits your style. There are many brands that offer all kinds of colors and designs and the best part, you can decorate them with stickers from places you travel!

Stay safe this summer and keep your body hydrated, you will notice a huge difference in your overall health and well-being. Create an easy to follow schedule to remind you and start making those good habits!

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