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November 2022

Christy Horsburgh

Christy has been a member of B3 Gym since 2018 and is one of our few members who have reached 1,000 classes! She's been a consistent member of our Bootcamp program since she first started, and attends CrossFit classes a few days a week. Christy is also...

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September 2022

John Sposato

John has been a member of B3 Gym since 2016 and is one of our few dedicated members who have reached over 1,000 classes! He's worked hard at dialing in his nutrition habits to support his performance in the gym and is extremely consistent with his fitness...

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August 2022

Sabrina Sanchezs success story

Sabrina Sanchez

Sabrina joined B3 Gym in 2015 and is one of our dedicated members who have reached over 1,000 classes! "Before joining B3 Gym, I was a mother of 3, overweight, stressed, tired and, honestly just a huge ball of insecurity." Her transformation, both physica...

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July 2022

Bernd Liesenfeld

Bernd has been a member of B3 Gym since 2015! Before getting started at B3 Gym, Bernd was competing in triathlons, but found that when he had kids he didn't have the necessary time to dedicate to training. He transitioned into obstacle course racing an...

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June 2022

Christy Horsburghs success story

Christy Horsburgh

Christy joined B3 Gym in early 2018 and has been one of our most consistent members! When she first started at the gym, she was very new to this style of training. We started with some personal training sessions and our customized nutrition coaching pr...

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April 2022

Valorie Casons success story

Valorie Cason

Valorie will be the first to admit how intimidated she was to get started at B3 Gym, but after her first session, she was hooked! In a little over a year, Valorie has become one of our most consistent members, attending class 5-6 x a week and even coming ...

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March 2022

Becky Hutchisons success story

Becky Hutchison

Becky is a current Ongoing Nutrition Coaching client who recently joined our Group Fitness Classes. She also participated in our 28-Day Nutrition Challenge. Read about her experience!   "This nutrition challenge was a nice way for me to get ref...

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November 2021

Kathy Bratchers success story

Kathy Bratcher

When Kathy started at B3 Gym, she was ready to take control of her health and make a lifestyle change. Kathy joined B3 Gym in 2018, starting with our Nutrition Coaching Program and Personal Training. She eventually transitioned into our group fit...

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October 2021

Bjorn Stanges success story

Bjorn Stange

Bjorn will be the first to admit that when he started at B3 Gym, he was winded after the warm-up! Our coaches worked with Bjorn to make sure he was training appropriately for his fitness level, modifying the movements as necessary to make sure he was su...

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September 2021

Calyn Maskes success story

Calyn Maske

Working with Calyn has been an incredibly rewarding experience! At B3 Gym, we LOVE to see our members reach their goals and find success with their performance in the gym. While Calyn has improved her fitness, she’s also seen so many positive changes in...

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August 2021

Todd Hutchisons success story

Todd Hutchison

Todd joined B3 Gym one year ago this month! While he initially started with our group fitness classes, he eventually went all in and signed up for our nutrition coaching program a few months later. Here’s what Todd has to say about his fitness and nu...

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March 2020

Jenni Laffey

Jenni Laffey is one of our most consistent members, getting to the gym 6 days a week as a regular at our 5:15a class. She is a wonderful role model to her fellow gym members with her amazing dedication to fitness and nutrition. She also sets an incredible...

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