Testimonial Tuesday: CrossFit Moms


Being a mom is a balancing act, full-time careers, kids extracurricular & sports events, cooking and washing mounds of dishes, laundry…. I mean, the list is literally endless. Now throw being a CrossFit Mom into the mix. That includes prioritizing your time to include a workout. Children look to their parents for leadership and direction, so when the example you set includes CrossFit, your children will without a doubt take something positive away.  



There is a lot to be said for strong females. And I’m not talking about just having the ability to lift a bunch of weight. What I am talking about is making the commitment to something that challenges you. That is real strength. Young minds will soak up that mentality like a sponge and begin to recreate it. The strength of a female isn’t in her lifts, but in her lifestyle. A kid who knows their mom won’t give up and sees this on a daily basis will be more likely to carry that into their own lives. Whether it’s trying out for a sports team in middle school or standing up for what they believe in, their CrossFit mom had a lot to do with the mold that made that mentality.



CrossFit Moms are Strong Moms and this is one of our very own at B3 Gym. Meet Sabrina Sanchez—one of our #morningwarriors who is here nearly every day at 5:30am.



We are so proud of Sabrina and love that fitness is a family affair in their household!


  • What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? The sign in front of the old Body By Boris building on 6th Street. Driving home every day after work—I was depressed, angry, tired, sad, overweight and simply stuck in the past.  There was a 6-week special for $99 and I made a deal with myself, I’d try it for 6 weeks and if nothing changed, I’d take the plunge and start swallowing happy pills. I was desperate and I had to do something.  That was more than 3 years ago and needless to say, no prescription needed.


  • What was your first impression? How has that changed? My first impression was “oh my gosh, I’m not going to be able to do this.”  I suffered through my first class, not just physically, but mentally. I felt naked and assumed everyone was staring at me wondering why in the world someone like me would even try.  If it helps put it in perspective, I had to sit in my car for 5 minutes or more before every class talking myself up. Opening that door was the hardest part for me—every single time. 3+ years later, I walk in half asleep, I greet everyone, I probably cuss a little too much, I wear whatever I’m comfortable in, I have nicknames for people and quite honestly— I’ve never felt so welcomed.  B3 is at the heart of the Sanchez family.  


  • What was your first big accomplishment? Honestly, the first time I wore a tank top in public and didn’t have a full blown panic attack.  That same day, I got my first box jump and 500M row in less than 2 minutes.


  • What are you working on now? My nutrition and consistency.  I’ve built a habit of going hard for a while and then giving up— for pretty much my entire life.  I’ve never done anything that I felt like I couldn’t live without until now.  The rush of a good workout, my mood after putting the right food in my body, the accountability, love and support – all foreign to me until CrossFit came along.  


  • What’s your favorite B3 Gym memory? I have 3 in no particular order. 1- Beating Coach Jonas in the mile run test – that was UHHHHmazing. 2- The day Coach Corey stayed on my ass and helped me face my fear of kicking over into a handstand (now my favorite thing to do). 3- And my very first Summer Throwdown when I couldn’t get the last clean in the ladder, I had seconds left, thought I couldn’t do it, but my kids and my husband yelled at me to “just pick it up….do it now!” I made eye contact and somehow, that weight came up!


  • Anything you’d like to add? B3 is not just a gym….it’s an entire community of people making a change.  It’s not just about lifting and being the best, it’s about sincerity, compassion, dedication and having a place to call home.  It’s about being yourself, completely raw and knowing that people are still cheering for you regardless.  It’s about pushing yourself to your limits, breaking down your walls and building a level of confidence that really can’t be explained.  I am a better wife, a better mother and a better human being all because I took that 6-week plunge.  My entire household—all 6 of us— can attest to these things. #B3strong 

Thank you for sharing your story Sabrina and we are so thankful that the Sanchez Family is at the core of our #fitfam!


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