Lauren Dagget

"Lauren Dagget"

Name: Lauren Dagget

Why did you choose Body By Boris?

I chose BBB because I was looking for a gym that was going to push me every time I walked in the door. I needed more than just a space to work out, I wanted to train for results and after my orientation, I knew BBB was a perfect fit.  BBB offered a variety in work outs and sense of community I hadn’t been able to find at other gyms.

What is the B3 Gym difference?

What separates BBB from other gyms is the community. You become part of a community that is personally invested in YOU. The trainers and other clients want to see you succeed, beat personal records, overcome mental obstacles and see physical results. The small group classes make it possible for the trainers to give each client the attention they need and deserve.  We all want to inspire, motivate and support each other.

I look forward to each work out, and every time I step foot in the gym, I know I am going to be challenged mentally and physically.

Boris and his staff go above and beyond to make me feel like more than a member. It truly is a community of people at all different physical levels, but we all share the common goal of improving ourselves.

I am mentally, physically and emotionally stronger than I was 6 months ago. Joining Body By Boris is the best investment I’ve made in myself.

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