Nicole Duga

"Nicole Duga"

Name: Nicole Duga

Why did you choose B3 Gym? 

I had heard about B3 Gym from different people and decided to try it out with a Living Social deal. I was immediately hooked. I’ve always been a really active person and had been looking for a gym that fit for a while now.  I love the trainers; they’re all so friendly and knowledgeable, and they really care. I also see and feel results at B3 Gym. They promote all around health, including clean eating. I’ve never been healthier or felt better in my life. I’ve also never made so many gains in the gym. I chose B3 Gym because they produce results.

What is the B3 Gym difference? 

I’ve tried a lot of gyms in my day – from your typical globo gym to several cross fit gyms. B3 Gym is by far the best. The people here are like a family. While Boris isn’t a cross fit gym, they do some of the same lifts. So B3 Gym is the best of both a normal gym and a cross fit gym. While I never saw many results at cross fit, I see them at B3 Gym, and that’s because the trainers here genuinely care and work to help us achieve our goals. Our trainers are in constant contact with us, and we meet every now and then to talk and share progress checks. It’s great to be part of a community that cares so much about health and fitness. The people here have become some of my best friends. B3 Gym is more than just a great gym that produces results; it really is a community too.

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