Tips for Success: Competition Prep

Getting ready for your first CrossFit competition? Keep reading for a few quick tips to make the most of your day!

REST – listen to your body leading up to competition day. As someone who trains everyday, I prefer to get in a light workout the day before and use it as an opportunity to get the blood flowing. Other people need a full day of rest before competing. If you plan on taking the day off, go for a brisk walk and get in some quality time stretching and mobilizing.

SLEEP – focus on getting a few good nights of sleep leading up to the event. Allow your body to get the rest it needs to perform at it’s potential!

HYDRATE – dehydration can play a HUGE factor in performance. Focus on 60-80oz of water in the days leading up to the event. On competition day, it’s easy to forget to hydrate. Make sure you are drinking water throughout the day since you will be losing a lot of fluid through sweat.

PACK A BAG – bring extra clothes, pack all of your gear (jump rope, grips, knee sleeves, Oly shoes, etc.). When packing your gear, remember that competition day is not the day to try new equipment!

HAVE A PLAN – if the workouts have been released in advance, practice the movements! If you’re nervous about some of the workouts, try a few reps of the movements you’re worried about. Visualize your workout. Think about how you are going to attack each workout and have a strategy to set yourself up for success. Stick to your plan and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

COMMUNICATE – talk to your judge before the workout. Make sure you know the movement standards. Don’t argue with your judge if you get a ‘no rep.’ Adjust your movement to meet the standards and move on.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF – push yourself. Work hard. Create new limits for yourself. Be proud of your effort.

WARM-UP – spend at least 15:00-20:00 getting warmed up for each workout. Stretch and mobilize for a few minutes, get your heart rate up for a few minutes, and practice some reps of what’s coming up.

RECOVER – get in 5:00-10:00 of active recovery after each workout (easy bike, row, walk, etc.). Allow your heart rate to come back down gradually and get some blood flow to your muscles.

EAT RIGHT – pre-workout nutrition is unique for everyone. You want to eat the right amount of food to fuel your workout but not so much that it slows you down. Low-glycemic carbohydrates and high quality proteins are the best choices. For carbohydrates, try fresh fruit like applesauce, berries, and oranges. For protein, try 4-6 oz. of chicken breast or a shake with 30g of quality whey protein. Your pre-workout nutrition should contain easily digestible carbs and protein; skip the fat. What one person can tolerate before a workout will be different for another person. Stick to your norms and don’t try out something new for the day of competition.

HAVE FUN – enjoy the competitive energy at the event, cheer on your fellow competitors, and be proud of your hard work!

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