What is CrossFit?

At its base definition, CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.” Let’s break down what that actually means and how we apply that definition to what we do at B3 Gym.

Constantly Varied: the workouts are different everyday. We can look at the movements we do in the gym. We  can choose from a variety of cardio, gymnastics, power lifting, Olympic lifting, and strongman movements. Other ways we can vary our workouts will be in the format and time domains. The combinations are endless! Not only does this help make sure that we never get bored with our training, but it also helps prevent us from adapting to the routine. We’re training overall general fitness and strength, so we always keep our body guessing. As someone who has been doing CrossFit for 10 years, I will say that this might be my favorite aspect of CrossFit. I am still challenged everyday and still get sore from my workouts!

Functional Fitness: we want you to be able to apply your work in the gym to the things you do outside of the gym. Do you try to carry all of your bags of groceries from the car in one trip? It may seem silly, but the strength we build in the gym helps with this. If you have kids and you’re constantly getting up and down off the ground, this is functional fitness we work on in the gym. Do you like to kayak? Working on upper body strength in the gym will help you increase your ability to kayak with ease. Have a goal of running a 5k? With the variety of workouts we do in the gym, we can increase your cardiovascular endurance to get you to that goal!

High Intensity: this can mean a few different things, but what we focus on at B3 Gym is maximizing your time. Our classes are 60-minutes in length and we want you to get the most out of your hour with us. In terms of intensity, that could mean load or how much weight you are moving. It could also mean speed or how fast you are moving. It can also mean volume or how many repetitions you are getting. We can adjust each of these depending on the goal of the workout to make sure you are getting the most out of your class.


5 Biggest Myths

I’m going to get injured. The fact is that you can get injured doing anything. I’ve had more injuries from sports and recreational activities than I have from CrossFit. A CrossFit gym with experienced coaches is a controlled and supervised environment. Our staff is here to help you understand where you’re at with your current fitness level and provide an opportunity to help you challenge yourself in a way that is safe and appropriate for you. Our focus is on mechanics first. Coaches will help you build a foundation based on proper technique and consistency. Moving well is the foundation and helps to keep you safe as you add in more repetitions and more intensity.

You have to have an exercise background to do CrossFit. While many people who have played sports before are naturally drawn to the challenge that CrossFit provides, the majority of our members at B3 Gym have no fitness background whatsoever. For people who have never really exercised before, it’s fun and challenging to learn new things. When you’re successful at overcoming fitness challenges, it helps to develop your overall confidence. Our goal at B3 Gym is to create a fun and welcoming environment for all of our members, regardless of their fitness background.

The biggest misconception I hear from potential new members is “I’m not in good enough shape to do CrossFit.” My response is always “perfect!” You don’t have to be in shape to start! We’re here to help with that! If you’re worried that you won’t be able to complete the workouts, understand that every single workout we do in the gym is scalable to the ability of the athlete. If you cannot do a strict pull-up at this moment in your life, we will teach you another movement that will work those same muscles. If the workout asks you to lift a certain weight, but you’re not there yet with your strength, no problem! We can use a lighter weight that is appropriate to challenge you at your current strength level. Because every workout is scalable, people of all backgrounds and ages can find success with this training program. Everyone’s fitness level is different, but we all have the ability to improve.

All CrossFit gyms are the same. This is a very common misconception as well. While B3 Gym is an affiliate of CrossFit, we are independently owned and operated. We are free to run our business as we like. That means that no two gyms will be the same. Some gyms may have a culture focused more on competition; some gyms may offer programs to help with nutrition. While gyms may look the same, they all have a unique personality and community. My advice always is to do a little research, visit a few gyms, and pick the one that will be a good fit for you.

I’m too old to do CrossFit. You are never too old to start! The CrossFit that we most commonly see on TV and in the news focuses on younger athletes in their “prime,” but we have members at B3 Gym in their 60’s and 70’s working out multiple days a week. Exercise is so important as we age to help increase quality of life. We have members in their 40’s who are lifting more weight than they have their entire life. Women in their 30’s are getting their first pull-ups. Members in the 50’s look and feel better now than they did in their 20’s! As I’ve said before, you don’t have to have a background in fitness. You can start at any age and we will work with you to create a plan based on your current fitness level and your goals.


At B3 Gym, we use CrossFit as a way to improve long-term health and longevity. We promote safe and effective fitness combined with simple and sustainable nutrition. Our goal is to help you live a long, happy, and healthy life.


Stay healthy,

-Coach Karen

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